Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fresh start...

I figure today is a great day to really dive into this blog. You may be asking why. Why today of all days? What about tomorrow? Or yesterday?

Well, gentle readers, today is my son's 3 month birthday and I'm fairly certain he has started teething!

Up until about 3 days ago, my son was an angel. Well, as much of an angel as an active infant can be. Then he slowly started to turn into a monster....He stopped napping for longer than 20 minutes. He started fussing more. He refused to sleep in his crib. He wanted to nurse all the time. He went from pretty well sleeping thru the night to barely sleeping at night at all. My husband commented on this change in his habits and his mother mentioned a possible he teething?

So, I opened up my trusty laptop and launched google....and google sent me back some helpful info.

*Most babies begin teething between 4 and 7 months
*Early developing babies may begin to teeth at 3 months and late bloomers may begin teething at 1 year; some babies are born with a tooth already showing!
* They generally appear in this order: bottom two middle, top two middle, then the ones along the sides and back. The last to appear are the second molars which are in the back of the mouth and usually make their appearance by babies second birthday. By age 3, your little one should have his full set of baby teeth - 20 total - and those should hang out until his permanent teeth come in at around age 6.

*drooling (which can lead to a rash on his face)
*swelling and sensitivity of gums
*irritability - the discomfort is usually worse during the first teeth and later when the molars come in because of their bigger size. Babies generally become accustomed to the sensations of teething and learn to live with them; some babies are fussy during whole time that every tooth comes in; each child reacts differently
*not eating
*not sleeping well
*runny nose
*loose stools - likely caused by swallowing extra saliva, which loosens the stool.
*cheek rubbing and ear pulling - the discomfort may travel to the ears and cheeks, particularly when the back molars begin coming in. Keep in mind tho, that pulling at an ear can also be a sign of an ear infection
**Not all symptoms are agreed upon by doctors and if you see something that worries you, you should IMMEDIATELY call your doctor. Some of these symptoms may be other things, like an ear infection.

What can I do to ease my baby's discomfort?
It is strongly recommended that you contact your pediatrician before doing any of the below
*Give him something to chew on...a rubber teething ring or cold washcloth or if he's doing solids, cold foods like apple sauce, pureed peaches or yogurt can help
*Give him a hard unsweetened teething cracker, such as zwieback (no carrots...they're a choking hazard)
*A cold bottle or cup of water (if they're old enough)
*rub a clean finger gently but firmly over his gums
*if none of the above are working, try a small dose of children's pain reliever such as infants' acetaminophen - BUT CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE GIVING YOU BABY ANY MEDICATION. NEVER give your baby aspirin or even rub it on his gums to ease the pain. The use of aspirin in children is associated with Reye's syndrome, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition
*Using a topical pain relief gel (like baby orajel) is also an option, but again, consult with your doctor. If you use too much, it can numb the back of your baby's throat and weaken his gag reflex (which helps prevent him from choking on his saliva). In rare cases, babies are allergic

If the drool causes a rash on his face, wipe (don't rub) the drool with a soft cloth. Petroleum jelly on his chin before a nap or bedtime can protect the skin from further irritation.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Welcome to my blog! How about I tell you just a little bit about myself?

I'm a first time son was born on 8/14/10 and my husband and I just adore him.
I'm a husband and I have been together for 10 years, but just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in September.
I'm an artist....I attended Columbia College Chicago and received my degree in Theatre: Performance. I'm also a costume designer, production designer, sometimes-makeup artist, scrapbooker, knitter and seamstress.
I'm a writer...I maintain a few blogs and am working on a novel and a screenplay.
I'm a working stiff...I work 40+ hrs from home in market research.
I'm a seeker....I'm incredibly interested in all aspects in a lot of things. One thing this blog will be used for is my seeking.

What am I seeking? I'm seeking a first time mom, I'm learning as I go. This will be a place where I can share what I'm learning. I'm also interested in becoming a midwife/doula/hypnobirthing coach. In truth, I'm searching for me.

The birth of my son was an exhausting one. I spent 53 hours in labor...53 hours from the beginning of the contractions to when my son was in my arms. I had planned a water birth with a birthing center. I spent 36 hours in back labor, at which point I was admitted to the hospital and given an epidural. 17 hours later my son was born. So my birth wasn't what I had planned.

24 hours later, my son and I went home...where we began to breastfeed. I was given no release instructions and no help with lactation. My mother in law came to stay for a week 2 days later...and my mother came to stay a week after that. The advice and instruction I received told me to supplement my sons' eating with formula, since he wasn't gaining weight. I almost destroyed my supply and I definitely destroyed my confidence in myself. So that wasn't what I had planned.

At my 6 weeks post partum visit, I was informed that I hadn't fully healed. There was still a tear and a hole. The doctor who delivered my son didn't tell me anything about my delivery or how to heal. I guessed that I had 11 stitches based on the nurse counting bloody wads of cloth. I learned an herbal way to promote the healing. 2 weeks later, I had a visit with a CNM who is to be my gynocologist who finally told me that everything was healed and gave me the first real information since my child was born.

So that's a brief synopsis of my story....stay tuned to find out more!