Saturday, February 19, 2011

Betcha thought that I was....wait, that's morbid!

Blogging has certainly fallen to the way side with me, as with most everything else. Priority number 1? My little family of course! Orion shared his 1/2 birthday with my own dear mom AND with Valentine's Day! We played all day and then Papa Bear and I went out for a sushi dinner!

My own dear father has been in town for almost 2 weeks. He'll be leaving on Tuesday, but it's been an amazing trip! It's his first visit since Orion was born AND his first trip to California AND his first time visiting me in almost 3 years! It's been spectacular! He flew into LA and got to spend the day there and then has spent the last couple of weeks in San Diego county. And he's gotten to experience a myriad of weather....last night it rained incredibly hard and was VERY windy!

So, here's hoping I can get back to's been an intense couple of months, so I'll be posting a few short and sweet blogs to get back on track! Orion is finally entertaining himself for longer stretches of time, so hopefully that means I'll have some time to get some of my own stuff done!