Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Teething continues!

My own little mister has a set of 6 teeth now and all signs point to more teeth coming thru.
One thing to note, when attempting to come out of motherhood unscathed is to pay attention to your childs' trends. If I didn't notice the trends, there'd be no way to tell that O is teething.

When teething, O gets an incredibly runny nose and his sleeping habits are thrown way off. About a week ago, O started sleeping thru the night (known thru the mothering world as STTN). It was delightful! Then, about 4 days ago, no dice. He was waking up at least once if not twice during the night. Which is troublesome for any parent, let alone one who works full-time. Then two days ago, I notice his nose is just gushing. (Gushing is, of course, subjective. What is gushing for me may not be gushing for you.) So I look and sure enough, 2 little silver slivers are starting their progress thru his bottom gums. They haven't broken the surface yet so who knows how long this trend will last. The good news? He's already napping longer today than he has the rest of the week!